Lump Disappeared 

I fell from the Stairs and noticed I had pains especially around my left breast. I thought it was a usual pain until it got swollen and very hard. I went to the hospital and was given some drugs, I took them but I still I had the pains and noticed a lump in my left breast. I thought it was because I usually lie on my chest.

During this Peniel, just after Pastor Chris gave the word, I noticed the pains had gone and I never felt the lump again.

Miss A. C



I am grateful to God for his blessings. In Peniel 2017 I came trusting God for a life partner and this year (2018) he has done it. Praise God!

U O 

Fever and Headache healed


I had been having headache which led to fever and weakness for some months now, I had used drugs on several occasions but no relief. I thought it was associated with a hole I had in my tooth that had been causing me toothache. I removed the tooth and still had no relief. Ephesians 3: 20 came alive as God was able to do even more than what I thought, as I said in my heart that if only God can heal me in Peniel and cause me not to go through peniel and come out with that illness, when peniel started, I put myself into service (as my department was not very involved with Peniel and so I joined another). I totally forgot about my illness due to a lot of activities which was causing me to have little sleep. As I heard someone complaining about headache, that was when I realised that I had been healed and am totally well. Praise the Lord!

New Job 

I want to thank God for He is a prayer answering God. As it was in my heart as a desire during Peniel 2012 that before Peniel 2013 the Lord will give me a new job. During alone with God 2013, I put my request for the job to the Lord.
To the glory of God, the Lord granted my desire and gave me another Job.

Thanking God for His mighty deliverance 

During the session on Friday Night, the man of God prayed for acceleration in every area of our lives including divine acceleration away from every plan of the evil one.
The following day (Saturday morning), I was about ironing and just a few seconds after I plugged in the iron, the iron blew and nearly fell of my hands. I dropped it quickly and it had poured black soothe-like powder on my right hand and on the ironing surface.
I can’t explain the occurrence the iron has worked perfectly so far, but I want to thank God exceedingly for that mighty deliverance.
I don’t know what the devil planned but God delivered me. Glory to God!!!

Mrs O. Z.

Healing of the right hand 

I haven’t been able to use my right hand since March 2011. The Doctors said that I have frozen shoulders. I had several injections, saw the physiotherapist several times and later was referred to Woodhill hospital and after scans and x-rays, I was told that the only solution was surgery, but I rejected it immediately.

Yesterday, when Rev David was ministering, he asked us to lift our hands in worship and unconsciously, I lifted my right hand and just then I realised to my amazement that I was able to lift my right hand.

— C. W.


"Boil dried up" 

Just before Peniel, I had a discomforting boil on my jaw, it was bleeding constantly and was affecting me, but on the anointing service by the Spirit of God, I used the anointing oil on the boil and it dried up. Praise God!!! Mr N. I


"Healing on left eye"

I have been to so many conferences but this was different as the Lord visited me. I praise God for all His mercies in my life. I came to Peniel with a pain in my left eye and it was looking as if I was going blind in that eye, but I came to church on Wednesday and the man of God said “God was healing somebody in the left part of his body and I keyed into it and forgot about it.

On Friday afternoon/evening, the Lord asked me how my eye was and I noticed my eyes were healed!

Praise the Lord!!!

–Mr A. T.


"Daughter's life spared"

We want to thank God for sparing our daughter’s life on Sunday the first day of Peniel. She lost her breath at the early hours of Sunday and when the ambulance came to take her, we were praying and crying to God to show himself in Action. As the doctors were doing their best Jehovah was doing the final Job, behold my daughter heard our voices praying and coughed and regained herself back and very healthy and we made it to Peniel that Sunday. Until now she is very sound. We bless God because God had earlier revealed to us that it will not come to pass! I look forward to next year's peniel events.

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